Holmes Oakwood & Cedar Ceramic Candle


Our luxury ceramic range of candles with coordinating lid.  Each candle pot can be refilled with the aluminium tin candle once burned down or used as a storage pot.

A sweet, heady blend of lily, vanilla, tonka and praline, with heart notes of bergamot, grapefruit, cassis, orris, jasmine and orange blossom, on a base of patchouli,cedarwood and musk.

Made with unique, naturally sourced soya and rapeseed oil wax blend and high quality perfume oils, this product is both sustainable and kind to the environment. Our candles are subtly scented and naturally coloured, which may vary slightly due to the natural shade of the oil.

Burn time: Approx 70 hours
Wax weight: 280g

- Paraben free
- Vegan - no animal products or beeswax
- Burns cleanly, hardly any soot produced
- Fine quality essential and fragrance oils
- Made in the UK
- Eco friendly
- Cotton wicks with a paper core

 Candle Refill Tins contain 200g of Plant based wax.