Holmes Black Pomegranate Hand & Body Wash


Black Pomegranate has notes of Pink Pepper and Clove as well as Raspberry and Plum. It’s our favourite and best seller. 

Our Bath and Body products are all made with natural ingredients with some certified organic material. They are all Sulphate and Paraben free.  We use essential oils and high quality fragrance oils.

Contains natural ingredients like Aloe Vera which is said to aid irritated or inflamed skin, a natural soothing gel which absorbs quickly to moisturise, soften and smooth. We use Honey which  is naturally antibacterial and extremely moisturising and soothing. Argan Oil is a very good skin moisturiser which hydrates and softens skin. Containing vitamin E and a fatty acid content this ingredient can improve the condition of the skin.

We are able to refill your bottle, available in store only.