Be Your Own Goddess: Harness your Inner Strength and Power Hardcover


Featuring 45 goddesses from around the world, this book shows you how to channel your goddess energy to bring empowerment, strength and inspiration into your life.

Goddesses have been a source of fascination for thousands of years and their ancient mythologies and legends are still relevant today. Use Be Your Own Goddess to practise rituals which will allow you to harness the power of goddesses from around the world. Kirsten Riddle looks at deities from folklore and mythology, as well as goddesses linked to the elements, the weather, and the planets. Deities featured include Kwan Yin, the caring Asian goddess of mercy; Hathor, the vibrant Egyptian sky goddess; Sunna, the enchanting Norse sun goddess; Selene, the radiant Greek goddess of the moon; and Morrigan, the powerful Celtic goddess of the underworld. A brief background to each goddess, plus the planets, stones, food, flowers, plants, scents and animals associated with her, encourage us to tap into our own individual goddess power.