KINN Lemongrass Glass & Steel Cleaner


KINN’s glass & stainless steel cleaner leaves a brilliant, streak free finish and an incredible mood boosting essential oil scent thanks to our natural, plant-based and non-toxic formula.

Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties; kills bacteria, gets rid of grime and tackles limescale.

Safe for septic tanks.

Spray sparingly 15-30cm directly onto glass, mirror or steel surface and wipe dry immediately with a clean, dry, lint free cloth.

For small areas, spray onto clean cloth and wipe surface.

Do not use on Flat TV or VDU screens.

To use, simply empty your 30ml multi-surface cleaner refill into your KINN keep-me bottle, fill with 470ml of water and shake to enjoy a high quality clean from natural, plant based ingredients.

1x 500ml keep-me bottle + 1x 30ml concentrate = 500ml product